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WAVE™ Work Group Communications

WAVE Work Group Communications

With wireline integration to MOTOTRBO Connect Plus and Capacity Plus systems, WAVE Work Group Communications lets your mobile and office workers connect with simple, secure and affordable broadband push-to-talk (PTT), wherever they are.

Taking Workgroup Communications Software to New Heights

Motorola Solutions WAVE OnCloud service connects mobile phones, computers and radios virtually anywhere through push-to-talk

  • WAVE OnCloud brings industry-leading push-to-talk to a cloud-hosted offering that makes it easier than ever to deploy, maintain and improve workgroup communications.
  • MOTOTRBO customers can use WAVE OnCloud to integrate their radio systems with broadband networks, extending their reach to mobile users.
  • Software as a Service offering with low-cost subscription scales easily to connect users in the same building or thousands of miles away.

Created to connect workgroups in manufacturing, hospitality, utility, education and other teamwork-intensive industries, WAVE OnCloud provides reliable, instant voice communications. The quickly downloadable application provides push-to-talk (PTT) service across radios, mobile phones and desktop computers with the push of a button – no dialing, swiping or typing. WAVE OnCloud also delivers key features such as presence, messaging and location sharing without having to switch to another app.

WAVE OnCloud uses cloud computing power to provide PTT, meaning solution deployment time is measured in minutes, usage costs are predictable and affordable and software updates are seamless.

MOTOTRBO customers can enjoy WAVE OnCloud benefits by connecting their systems to a broadband network, extending reach to mobile users. As a Software as a Service (SaaS) offering, WAVE OnCloud customers can choose an affordable subscription that can scale up or down as business needs change.

WAVE OnCloud is the latest addition to Motorola Solutions’ portfolio of software designed to provide teams with critical communications that enhance safety and efficiency. WAVE customers can step into the world of Motorola Solutions Team Communications to enable success through all communications devices.

Key Features

  • Group Calls
  • Private Calls
  • Group Text
  • Private Text
  • History
  • Presence Indication
  • Location And Mapping
  • Secure Communications
  • Mobile And Web Clients

Download the WAVE OnCloud Brochure

Getting Started

With no servers to buy, install or maintain, getting started with WAVE OnCloud is fast and easy. A single box on your MOTOTRBO radio system can connect all your radio talkgroups to the cloud service.

Download the WAVE OnCloud Data Sheet

WAVE 3000

Extend MOTOTRBO To Smartphones And Tablets

WAVE 3000 delivers instant and secure broadband PTT communications for small to medium businesses. Whether you’re communicating with MOTOTRBO radio users or with other smartphone users, WAVE 3000 makes it simple and affordable. WAVE 3000 can be integrated with your MOTOTRBO Connect Plus and Capacity Plus systems, but can also be used as a standalone broadband PTT solution where radios are not required.

Turn Your Apple Or Android Device Into A Multi-Channel PTT Handset

Not everyone needs or wants to carry a radio handset. But they do want instant, secure access to important communications wherever they are. With a WAVE Mobile Communicator installed on a smartphone, tablet or custom handheld, any user can access MOTOTRBO communications from any location, talking with groups of other users or individuals as required.

WAVE 5000

Integrate MOTOTRBO With Enterprise It And Extend To PCs, Telephony, Smartphones And Tablets

WAVE 5000 enables highly scalable, feature rich, enterprise grade PTT on broadband networks and devices so that critical, time-sensitive information flows quickly and securely between mobile workers, teams and citizens.

From two-way radios to smartphones, laptops to landlines, tablets to rugged handhelds, WAVE 5000 lets your users use the devices they already have and the networks they already subscribe to to connect and talk to others both inside and outside of your communications environment. Wireline or donor radio integrations with MOTOTRBO ensure system scalability and deployment flexibility.

WAVE Communicators

Enable Your Workforce To Connect And Collaborate

Whatever the device or available network, WAVE has client applications that meet the needs of all types of users. Called WAVE Communicators, these applications provide the user interface to a WAVE communications system.

Define and manage your MOTOTRBO communications environment with WAVE Advanced Desktop Communicator.

Give authorized PC users controlled access to MOTOTRBO communications channels with the WAVE Desktop Communicator.

With WAVE Web Communicator you can use a web browser to access your MOTOTRBO radio channels.

WAVE™ Work Group Communications White Paper